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Gastric Bypass In Colombia

Gastric Bypass in Colombia is a procedure that consists of reducing the volume of the stomach by 95%, in addition to restricting the absorption of food.

This is achieved by creating a small pouch separated from the rest of the stomach that connects directly to the small intestine, thus ensuring that the patient eats less food, feels satisfied sooner, is less hungry, and as the small intestine is shorter, less food is absorbed.

Advanced laparoscopy, or robot-assisted laparoscopy, is used to do the surgery. It requires general anesthesia and a one- to two-day stay in the hospital.

The treatment includes accompaniment by a nutritionist, psychologist, psychiatrist, and physiotherapist.



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Multidisciplinary Accompaniment

As with all bariatric surgery programs, Gastric Bypass has a comprehensive management approach that includes making a personalized treatment plan that includes surgical, nutritional, psychological, and rehabilitation parts.

The success of our programs for the overweight control and obesity depends to a great extent on the accompaniment before and after the procedure by a multidisciplinary group of professionals who are experts in all the aspects that have a positive or negative influence on weight control.


Gasstric bypass surgery preparation begins with different tests and medical examinations. A dietary preparation prior to gastric bypass surgery is key to achieving optimal weight loss and ensuring a safe surgery.

The diet is a mix of foods that are low in calories and high in protein. It must be changed for each patient’s needs.

All patients are evaluated pre-surgically by the professionals of the program. 


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