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Gastric Balloon in Colombia
Gastric Balloon in Colombia is an endoscopic procedure that involves inserting a silicone balloon with a capacity of approximately 500 cc into the stomach.
It is a minimally invasive procedure that keeps a part of the stomach full so that the person feels full and has less of an appetite.
The balloon remains in the patient for 6 to 8 months and is then removed using the same technique. The procedure is ambulatory and does not require hospitalization.
The treatment includes accompaniment by a nutritionist and psychologist.



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Multidisciplinary Program

As with all bariatric surgery programs, the Gastric Balloon has a comprehensive management approach that includes making a personalized treatment plan that includes surgical, nutritional, psychological, and rehabilitation parts.

Keep in mind that the success of our programs for the control of overweight and obesity depends on the accompaniment before and after the procedure by a multidisciplinary group of expert professionals in all aspects that influence weight control positively or negatively.


Gastric Balloon in Colombia
Balón Gástrico en Colombia
The first step is the preparation of the patient for the Intragastric Balloon begins 3 or 4 days before, according to the specifications of our multidisciplinary program; The patient will start with a liquid-based diet, to prepare the stomach and clean it of residues or food leftovers.
All patients are evaluated pre-surgically by the professionals of the program. 
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