Real-Life Stories: Inspiring Transformations Through Bariatric Surgery.

Bariatric Surgery is a procedure that has proven effective in the battle against Obesity, aiding individuals to enhance their health and quality of life.

If you're contemplating undergoing Bariatric Surgery in Bogotá, it's critical to have a multidisciplinary program led by an experienced and recognized Bariatric Surgeon in Colombia, such as Dr. Rubén Luna.

In this blog, we'll introduce you to successful Bariatric Surgery testimonials from actual patients of Dr. Rubén Luna who have undergone a remarkable transformation in their lives.


What is Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric Surgery is a surgical procedure designed to assist individuals with obesity in achieving significant weight loss and maintaining it over the long term.

In addition to weight loss, Bariatric Surgery offers a range of health benefits, such as the improvement of Obesity-related diseases like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea.

Are you interested in Bariatric Surgery? Let me get to know you during the evaluation consultation. In the following video, I’ll explain how we determine the right procedure for you.

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Bariatric surgery Success stories

Throughout my career as a Bariatric Surgeon, I've had the opportunity to witness remarkable patient stories.

I've been able to share in their joy as they significantly improve their quality of life.

Losing weight goes beyond how my patients look and feel; in many cases, they have regained their health, thus increasing their life expectancy.

Today, I share with you some of the testimonials from my patients.

Lucila Tábara

«I’m 71 years old, and I had my surgery in 2021. Thanks to the medical team and Dr. Ruben Luna, I’ve lost 50 kilos.

My life has changed since the surgery. I was previously dependent on oxygen, suffered from knee problems, and used a cane.

Thanks to the team and Dr. Ruben Luna, I’ve lost weight, regained my mobility, and can now spend more time with my family.

I want to express my gratitude, send them many blessings, and wish them good health so they can continue changing more lives.»

Natalia Muñoz

«I’m marking one year since my surgery; thank you, and a thousand thanks, doctor. I will be forever grateful to you and Dr. Bernal.

God bless all the people who were part of this process.

Thanks to this, you are not only making me happy but also my family, my son, my mom, and people who surround me and want to see me doing well.»

Testimonios pacientes Dr Ruben Luna

Penny Quintero

«I underwent surgery with Dr. Rubén Luna 11 months ago, and the procedure was a gastric sleeve. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my life, and I highly recommend resorting to the doctor if you’re interested in these procedures.

The doctor is an excellent professional, and together with the entire team of doctors, secretaries, and nurses, they make sure the process is as easy as possible, always resolving all doubts and simplifying all the steps. The process was super agile with them, from quick contact to studies and scheduling dates.

Thanks to the great accompaniment, the 11 months flew by, always focused on working on new habits that should be part of what is a new life, like being born again and having a second chance with the best health in the world.

I will be eternally grateful to the surgeon and the team, who helped me throughout the process, because after weighing more than 90 kilos, I reached a weight of 52 kilos before the first anniversary.»

Antes y Después de Cirugía Bariátrica - Dr Rubén Luna Cirujano Bariátrico en Bogotá -ALT

Tania Rincón

«I underwent surgery with Dr. Rubén Luna because I knew I would be in the best hands. When I began to gain weight, it seemed like I couldn’t stop.

My sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits were taking a toll on my health. I was very afraid of continuing to gain weight, as diets only worked for a few months and I would quickly regain the weight I had lost.

The Gastric Sleeve helped me lose the extra 25 kilos I had. Thanks to the multidisciplinary team, I’ve been able to control anxiety and emotional hunger, and I’ve been motivated to take better care of myself.

I’m immensely grateful to Dr. Rubén Luna, Dr. Felipe Bernal, and the entire multidisciplinary team of the Global Obesity Group, who have always helped me at each stage of the process.»

Ximena Becerra

When I had surgery with Dr. Luna, I weighed 110 kilos. Today, a year later, my weight is 66 kilos. I feel like an empowered, happy, younger woman, and most importantly, very healthy. I feel like I was born again.

Resultados Bypass Gástrico - Dr Rubén Luna - Cirujano Bariátrico en Bogotá 2

Living a full and healthy life is possible!

My patients are proof of this!

I’m very proud that, thanks to the commitment of my patients, we have been able to achieve significant transformations in their lives.

Remember, at Global Obesity Group, we offer various programs and procedures to help you reach your goals.

If you wish to transform your health forever, please get in touch with us.